Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dorman is looking for work

Hey everyone. Well it seems that even when I have tried to keep diversified, I have coccooned myself a little and find that my avenues of work been starting to dry up. The economy is tough for everyone right now, and as a freelancer I need to adjust and move forward. One of those ways is to put out feelers for new work.

And thats what I'm doing here. I know a lot of my readers are fans, but there are some in the profession as well and I am hoping this get to them and my possibly open a few more doors for me to gain new work.

If you are reading this far you already know who I am and what kind of work I do. If you do not know my work please feel free to look at my website and see what I do. I am a freelancer artist. I will take on almost any illustration project. No matter what genre.

If you have work available, or you know of a company that might be interested in using my talents please let me know. Direct email is :

Thank you for your time, support of my work, and your help.