Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dave Interview in IMAGINEFX Magazine!

Hey everyone! Happy Holidays. This week a special gift for me and my fans and followers. The SCIFI/Fantasy Arts Magazine IMAGINEFX is running a 5 page interview/profile of me in their Issue #51, on sale in the USA this week. Subscribers and readers overseas ( it is printed in the UK) have had their copies available for a couple weeks already. But you should head down to the local bookstore and grab a copy pronto! ABOVE is the cover to the newsstand edition and below is the subscribers special cover.

The article covers my work and thoughts on art and painting. Some reminiscences and loads of cool art. Here is the opening spread of the article.

I would like to personally thank Claire Howlett for initiating contact and being such a wonderful editor for a great magazine. She and I met in San Diego at the Comic-con and it was a charming conversation with someone who obviously loves this genre of art. And a thanks goes to the writer of the article, Garrick Webster, who took my almost incomprehensible answers to his questions and made them understandable and entertaining!

There was one bit of information in the article I would like to clarify. At the end when it mentions my up coming projects, The RAIL sequel (the WASTED LANDS Graphic novel) will be coming out NEXT summer.. fingers crossed.. and not right now as indicated in the article. I know a lot of you have been asking about it and I am working on it , finally.

I'd love to hear feedback on the article and please let the IMAGINEFX know your thoughts as well. Their email is

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Couple of Prime Dorman Paintings on Ebay RIGHT NOW!!

I am putting a couple of prime pieces of art on Ebay to promote my appearance in San Deigo. They are 3 day auctions ending on Friday early afternoon. I will have the pieces with me and if they do not sell on Ebay I will sell them myself over the table. Here's the art and links:

(click here for link to BATMAN VADER)

(Click here to link to the BARONESS)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hi All. Sorry it's been a while. Life has been interesting to say the least but I am getting my feet back under me and getting some good work done. It's far from where it was a few years back but that's the nature of the business. I want to thank all those who have written in about commisions.. I am still taking them, as it gives me a greater freedom at times than working under a publisher or art director.


I will be back this year with my Band of Brothers- Scott Hampton, John Van Fleet, Chris Moeller, and Durwin Talon. We are in booth number 4401-4500. This is a side by side booth at the head of Row 4500. The Booth is called IRON FISH, which is how you can find us in the directory.

As always AUTOGRAPHS ARE FREE. Don't hesitate to bring your items for signatures. All our guys sign at NO Charge.

I have 2 scheduled events so far. One is for GEEK Magazine. I painted the cover for their most recent issue! I will be at their booth signing on FRIDAY at NOON, so bring your copy of GEEK, (it's TRANSFORMERIFIC!!) and I'll sign it for you.

I will also have a talk/ Q&A on my life and art on Saturday from 3-4PM in room 18. Check your Con directory for directions. Along with my blathering, I will be showing a progressive talk on how I created and painted the famous Star Wars Celebration print " Lord Vaders Persuasion"

As far as what I'm bringing to sell. I will be selling a LOT of art for less than usual this year. Most Magic/WOW card art $100. Some Star Wars art for $200-400. Other major comic cover art less than $400. I will have a few major pieces for sale that have never been offered before. If you are serious collector please feel free to ask about these. Prices are reasonable but above what I have mentioned for the earlier sales.

I will also be doing limited Drawings at the show this year. The prices will range from $50-$100. I will be taking a list for these beginning on Thursday morning and cut the list when I feel I have reached a number that I can deliver before the end of the show. I will not take any sketch work home.

As I get more information I will post it here so please stay tuned thruout the convention.


Thanks again to all my friends and fans for your support!!



If you are a STEAMPUNK Fan or Costumer PLEASE stop by the booth. I am back working on my WASTED LANDS/ RAIL Project and I would love to meet other fans, especially if in costume ( I would love to shoot photo reference if allowed), and share where this project is heading, which will be close to your heart! Thanks

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dorman is looking for work

Hey everyone. Well it seems that even when I have tried to keep diversified, I have coccooned myself a little and find that my avenues of work been starting to dry up. The economy is tough for everyone right now, and as a freelancer I need to adjust and move forward. One of those ways is to put out feelers for new work.

And thats what I'm doing here. I know a lot of my readers are fans, but there are some in the profession as well and I am hoping this get to them and my possibly open a few more doors for me to gain new work.

If you are reading this far you already know who I am and what kind of work I do. If you do not know my work please feel free to look at my website and see what I do. I am a freelancer artist. I will take on almost any illustration project. No matter what genre.

If you have work available, or you know of a company that might be interested in using my talents please let me know. Direct email is :

Thank you for your time, support of my work, and your help.


Monday, December 29, 2008

The State of Dave, EBAY Sales, and COMMISSIONS

Hi Everyone. I hope everyone has had a happy holiday season. I'm not going to pretend it's been a good year, because it hasn't. Of course there have been some great things, my son is growing into being such a great and funny kid, I love my wife Denise and I have done a few pieces of art I really like. But the economy is tough, I know for a lot of folks, and I am no exception. Publishers have shyied away from me thinking my work would be priced out of their budget. (More on that in a follow up blog soon) So suffice it to say my work load has been steadily decreasing. Even though I am ready, and willing to do the work.

The little work I do have is just getting us by.

SO...I have, and will continue to, put artwork on Ebay, ( do a search there for "Dorman Original" or "Dorman Art") There is a variety of projects from Magic to Warcraft to Marvel and Star Wars. Now would be the time to go after them if you wanted to own an original piece by me.

I am also taking commissions now. Many of my fans have asked for them but I have hesitated because of my time spent with doing commercial work. Well I have the time now and can work with anyone who decides they would like to have an original painting by me. The prices will be within the $500-$2000 range depending on the size and complexity you want. The subject matter can be anything the client would like. I will ask to be a little creative in my approach but if I'm being asked to do a commission then you are already aware of what I can do. Please email me directly if you are interested in commissioning an original painting from me: We can discuss the specifics of each peace via email to start.

I have also marked the Star Wars Artists proofs for sale with FREE Remarques (a small pencil original drawing right on the print). There is no limit for purchases, one drawing per print. Here's the link to the page:

Thank you all for your continued support thru these hard times. I know a lot of you are having it just as tough as we are. Please take care of yourselves and be well....Dave

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Aliens v. Predator... and Dave!!

(Oki Doke... Well, I guess I ruffled a few feathers with this post... So I made a few small edits to smooth the ruffles. And in no way meant to imply any wrong doing on anyone's part {that is why I explained the "Work for Hire" clause...}. Ah well. :)

So I'm having breakfast this morning (Friday Oct 26) and I open the USA Today and go right to the entertainment section... (Front page...Bleh!... Lets get to the real news!!). I pull out the section and unfold it and there jumping out at me is a photo of an Alien-ish creature. But wait... there's something different about it. I scan over to the headline and the article is about the new Aliens v. Predator film coming out this December. Cool. So I start to read the article, but my eye keeps going back to the photo. Why does this Predalien creature look so familiar? This is the first official posts of the creature...

Then my mind goes back... to the mid 1990's. I was hired by 20th Century Fox/Dark Horse Productions to develop some Predalien creature designs for the (then viable) first incarnation of Aliens v Predator. I did a number of designs, including the one shown here. Well much to my surprise here I am looking at my designs, in the flesh, so to speak! I have posted here my original designs and the photos showing the quite distinct similarity! (Click the art and it should enlarge... maybe...)

I have no hard feelings about this. As a freelance illustrator I am aware of contractual obligations and the "work for hire" clause that is in most of these. (For those who don't know, the "work for hire" clause means basically that the work done for any particular company is completely owned by them. I sign over all rights to them on completion of the work. So they can do anything they want with it without paying me any more above the original cost of the work). So I had produced these designs for Fox and then they scrapped the production. The art went into the vaults. And I thought they would never see the light of day...

Well it appears someone might have done some digging because the similarity is striking. It would have been nice to be acknowledged for the work. I doubt I will get any credit. But I wanted to post this to show my fans and the world that sometimes lost work isn’t lost after all and good designs will always work, no matter how old they are!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

San Diego Comic Con 2007 Appearance

Hey Everyone!

I will be attending the San Diego Comic Con (as usual!) this year. The show is from July 25-30. I will be bringing some prints and art (Magic, Highlander, Battlestar Galactica, etc) for sale, and have my Pencil art book Leadworks for sale as well. I will also be giving away the last of a series of 4 signature cards (see a previous blog) celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of Star Wars in 1977. There will be other surprises as well!

We are in booth 4901/5000, right inside the entrance to HALL B. (see diagram)

I will be sharing the booth with fellow artists and friends Scott Hampton, Chris Moeller, John Van Fleet, and Durwin Talon. Also in the space will be WriteBrain Media, a creator's Public Relations firm represented by its owner, the beautiful and talented Denise Dorman.

That's it for now. More news as we get closer!