Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dorman is looking for work

Hey everyone. Well it seems that even when I have tried to keep diversified, I have coccooned myself a little and find that my avenues of work been starting to dry up. The economy is tough for everyone right now, and as a freelancer I need to adjust and move forward. One of those ways is to put out feelers for new work.

And thats what I'm doing here. I know a lot of my readers are fans, but there are some in the profession as well and I am hoping this get to them and my possibly open a few more doors for me to gain new work.

If you are reading this far you already know who I am and what kind of work I do. If you do not know my work please feel free to look at my website and see what I do. I am a freelancer artist. I will take on almost any illustration project. No matter what genre.

If you have work available, or you know of a company that might be interested in using my talents please let me know. Direct email is :

Thank you for your time, support of my work, and your help.



El Mo said...

Hello Dave. First off all I'm a fan of your work, and it's weird such a talented artist with the history you have, does not have work!!! I wish you all the best for you from Portugal

Manuel Morgado

jamie said...

i've been trying to get joel meadows to do a feature on your work in his next edition of his 'studio space' book.
fingers crossed he will be contacting you any day now.

jamie said...

hi dave,
i see from this months previews that idw are having you do some covers,
i love the angel one!
also,i love the transformers piece you've done for 'geek' magazine,
hope these end the rut you've found yourself in.
if only you could get some gigs on dark horse star wars again,
that would be awesome.
chin up,mate.


I can't believe you have a hard tiime getting work when they have all the lame artwork in the Star Wars comics now. I hope they open their eyes and get some great talent, like yourself, back on the books.