Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hi All. Sorry it's been a while. Life has been interesting to say the least but I am getting my feet back under me and getting some good work done. It's far from where it was a few years back but that's the nature of the business. I want to thank all those who have written in about commisions.. I am still taking them, as it gives me a greater freedom at times than working under a publisher or art director.


I will be back this year with my Band of Brothers- Scott Hampton, John Van Fleet, Chris Moeller, and Durwin Talon. We are in booth number 4401-4500. This is a side by side booth at the head of Row 4500. The Booth is called IRON FISH, which is how you can find us in the directory.

As always AUTOGRAPHS ARE FREE. Don't hesitate to bring your items for signatures. All our guys sign at NO Charge.

I have 2 scheduled events so far. One is for GEEK Magazine. I painted the cover for their most recent issue! I will be at their booth signing on FRIDAY at NOON, so bring your copy of GEEK, (it's TRANSFORMERIFIC!!) and I'll sign it for you.

I will also have a talk/ Q&A on my life and art on Saturday from 3-4PM in room 18. Check your Con directory for directions. Along with my blathering, I will be showing a progressive talk on how I created and painted the famous Star Wars Celebration print " Lord Vaders Persuasion"

As far as what I'm bringing to sell. I will be selling a LOT of art for less than usual this year. Most Magic/WOW card art $100. Some Star Wars art for $200-400. Other major comic cover art less than $400. I will have a few major pieces for sale that have never been offered before. If you are serious collector please feel free to ask about these. Prices are reasonable but above what I have mentioned for the earlier sales.

I will also be doing limited Drawings at the show this year. The prices will range from $50-$100. I will be taking a list for these beginning on Thursday morning and cut the list when I feel I have reached a number that I can deliver before the end of the show. I will not take any sketch work home.

As I get more information I will post it here so please stay tuned thruout the convention.


Thanks again to all my friends and fans for your support!!



If you are a STEAMPUNK Fan or Costumer PLEASE stop by the booth. I am back working on my WASTED LANDS/ RAIL Project and I would love to meet other fans, especially if in costume ( I would love to shoot photo reference if allowed), and share where this project is heading, which will be close to your heart! Thanks

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