Monday, May 21, 2007

Star Wars News! Appearences! And Much More!!

Hey Everyone!

Got a lot of news to tell you and not a lot of time to write this (as I'm trying my best to get ready for Star Wars Celebration 4 and the long trip ahead!)

First off I will be at the Celebration in two areas. I will have an art display in the Artist's area. I believe my booth number there is 36. While my art will hang the whole show, I will NOT be at that spot the whole time.

I WILL be at my booth on the main Retailer's floor most of the time. My booth number is 917 under my company name ROLLING THUNDER. At my booth I will be signing and sketching and of course selling my art prints including the new one for the show "Lord Vader's Persuasion...".

NEWS ALERT!!! During the move to Chicago, I had packed away all the Star Wars prints. While getting ready for the show I FOUND copies of BATTLE OF HOTH! The sold out print everyone has been asking about. Also found were a few more copies of DEWBACK PATROL. So if you have been looking for these prints look no further! I do only have a limited number of these so be sure to stop by early if you were looking for one.

Back to the news... I have made a free signature card (or I should say a set of cards) to have with me for the shows I am doing to promote the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. This art is the piece I painted for the cover of Dark Horse's comics adaptation of SW: A New Hope. I have taken the full art (shown here) and divided it into four sections, one for each show. The shows I will be giving the cards out at are:

Star Wars Celebration 4 May 24-28 Los Angeles

Star Wars Weekend June 8 (Friday) only DisneyWorld

Star Wars Celebration Europe July 13-15 London

San Diego ComicCon July25-29 San Diego

Each show will have a different card given away, and the only way you will be able to get all 4 cards will be to come to all 4 appearances. There is no charge for the card at the shows, just ask for one if you don't see them on the table. My thanks to Lucasfilm Licensing for allowing me to do this.

I have been busy working on the NEW art for the Celebration Europe art print. I can't say too much about this except it is VERY cool and ties in with a specific scene in New Hope. It will make you look at that specific scene in a different way after seeing this art. Here is a VERY small preview of the art. I will give you more info when the piece is finished and I have final approval from Lucasfilm.

Please stop by if you are at the SWC4, especially if you are a member of the 501st. It is such a great feeling to be able to share my work with each and every one of you!

Take care and I'll be back soon!



KMS Illustrations said...

As usual Dave, your work is amazing!!

Hope Celebration IV was great! Talk to you soon!

Andrea said...

Hi Dave,

it was great to meet you at CIV! Jenny and me did the "crowd control" at thursday to make sure that you both get your break ;) Can't wait to see you again in London, I'll definitely buy your new artwork :)

Greetings from Germany

Tim Bye said...

Phenomenal work - I love the textures and colour - super

Kris said...

Hello Dave.

More than a little overdue, sorry. :-(

Anyway, meeting you finally at CIV really was a dream come true for me.

I was extremely stoked to be able to purchase as many prints (4 or 5 - some are stored away atm, more on that below) as I did.

Stopping at your booth killed my entire budget for the entire week! But, money WELL spent, IMO.

But, I made the mistake of mailing your prints (and several others that I picked up) back home to Canada (didn't know I could take them on the plane at the time) in a super heavy cardboard tube. A week after I got home, the tube arrived, and to my horror, about 1/3 in from an end, someone had STOMPED of the tube, completely flatening it! :@ I nervously and carefully opened it up, and sure enough, about 3/4 of my brand new and expensive prints had hard creases on one end/side. Some not as bad as others, and mostly just in the white borders, but a couple right through the middle.

Anyway, I was so devastated, that I put most of the prints away in a fresh tube. I only have two hung up right now.

What a way to ruin a dream, after-the-fact.

Anyway, I dream/plan to meet to again in person (and spend lots more money), and hopefully order a few prints from your site, someday.

Anyway, keep up the AWESOME work, and take care.

A long-time fan in Canada,
Kris J.

P.S. I still love the AT-AT remarque you did for me on my CIV limited print. Maybe some day I could afford a full custom piece.