Monday, June 25, 2007

NEW Celebration Europe Art PREMIERE!!

Hi everyone!

It's Star Wars show and tell time again!!

I finally got approval on my Celeration Europe art print art and put it up on their site this past weekend. So I feel it is time to spill all the beans on this particular piece. (The art here is a little bigger than the one on the SW site, so you can see a bit more detail).

It is titled "Incident on the Jundland Wastes, Tatooine". It depicts the aftermath of the attack on the Sandcrawler in "SW: A New Hope". I have taken a throw-away line in the film, where Ben Kenobi says "This wasn't sandpeople, these blastpoints are too accurate. Only Imperial Stormtroopers are this accurate" (Or something to that effect!) There is also a mention of Bantha tracks and marching in a straight line.

So I thought: would the Empire be so bold to attack the sandcrawler outright, and possibly leave witnesses to cause turmoil in the already politically tense areas of Tatooine? Probably not. So how do they attack the sandcrawler and get away with it? Disguise themselves AS Tusken raiders! Banthas and all! They wack the crawler as Sandpeople and any witnesses think it is a local's territorial fight.

My brothers and sister of the 501st are no dummies! Subterfuge and disguise work just as well to get what you need.

Hope you enjoy the piece, especially if it makes you look at that particular scene in the film a little bit differently!

I also want to add another link here. It is to a great article on the site and it has pics and info on the 501st Legion/Midwest Garrison helping me out with reference photos for both of my Celebration art prints. Check it out! It was very cool to have a house full of the Empire's finest for a weekend! (Here's a pic of my son Jack with Darth Vader).

Thanks to my brothers and sisters in the 501st for their help (on the prints), friendship and comeradirrie over the past few years. I look forward to seeing, and greeting, many new members of the Legion during my trip to London!

See you there!


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