Monday, June 25, 2007


Now that I can show the art it is time to get down to the details of the SW:CE Jundland Wastes print. See my previous Blog for a pic of the art!

The print will be exactly the same size and format as the C4 Lord Vader print. The size is 20"x36". The edition is limited to 250 copies, signed and numbered. The price on this print will be 75poundsUK (approx $150US). There is a slight raise in price as I need to balance the expense of this particular show (travel, shipping, exchange rate, various other factors). I feel this is still a fair price also given the fact that the buyers will also get a free sketch remarque on the print when they purchase.

As with the C4 print, this one has some restrictions. I can only sell the print at the show in London. For those of you who are interested I am taking a HOLDING list prior to the show. This list will only be for those interested in purchasing the print AT THE SHOW and want me to hold one for them until they can pick it up. (I CAN NOT SELL the print prior to show or after the show, it will only be available from me directly at the show itself! I know that might seem unfair to those not able to attend, however those are the contractual rules I must follow). If you would like me to hold a print for you (I will limit the hold to 2 prints per person) please email me directly,, and put CELEBRATION EUROPE PRINT or CE PRINT in the header.

In addition to selling this print I will have a limited umber of my other Rolling Thunder prints for sale, including the Dewback Patrol and Battle of Hoth.

Plus as an extra bonus I will have a special signature card, given away only at CE, featuring art from "SW: A New Hope". (See information on this in an earlier blog here below).

See you in London in a few short weeks!!!


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