Monday, December 29, 2008

The State of Dave, EBAY Sales, and COMMISSIONS

Hi Everyone. I hope everyone has had a happy holiday season. I'm not going to pretend it's been a good year, because it hasn't. Of course there have been some great things, my son is growing into being such a great and funny kid, I love my wife Denise and I have done a few pieces of art I really like. But the economy is tough, I know for a lot of folks, and I am no exception. Publishers have shyied away from me thinking my work would be priced out of their budget. (More on that in a follow up blog soon) So suffice it to say my work load has been steadily decreasing. Even though I am ready, and willing to do the work.

The little work I do have is just getting us by.

SO...I have, and will continue to, put artwork on Ebay, ( do a search there for "Dorman Original" or "Dorman Art") There is a variety of projects from Magic to Warcraft to Marvel and Star Wars. Now would be the time to go after them if you wanted to own an original piece by me.

I am also taking commissions now. Many of my fans have asked for them but I have hesitated because of my time spent with doing commercial work. Well I have the time now and can work with anyone who decides they would like to have an original painting by me. The prices will be within the $500-$2000 range depending on the size and complexity you want. The subject matter can be anything the client would like. I will ask to be a little creative in my approach but if I'm being asked to do a commission then you are already aware of what I can do. Please email me directly if you are interested in commissioning an original painting from me: We can discuss the specifics of each peace via email to start.

I have also marked the Star Wars Artists proofs for sale with FREE Remarques (a small pencil original drawing right on the print). There is no limit for purchases, one drawing per print. Here's the link to the page:

Thank you all for your continued support thru these hard times. I know a lot of you are having it just as tough as we are. Please take care of yourselves and be well....Dave


WriteBrain Media said...

Good karma will come eventually for all of the kindness you've shown SO many young artists over the years.

jamie said...

dear dave and family,
your latest blog entry came as both a welcome christmas present and a sad reminder of the realities of a working commercial artist like yourself.
as you might possibly remember from your visit to london during celebration europe,i'm such a big fan of your work and hopefully a fine supporter of your career,and i sincerely hope that things do indeed pick up in the new year.
whenever i have the opportunity to bring up your name in conversations i do,like with chris ryall of IDW,who did assure me he was going to contact you about doing some gi joe work,
lol,or maybe he was just saying that to get rid of me!
anyway,like the above post says,good things happen to good guys,and you're one of the best.
i'll be having a couple of rolling thunder prints,then... there's a few spaces on our walls next to the two we bought in CE.
regards for now,
jamie and theresa.

Chris said...

You've got the army of behind you Dave! LMK if you need ANY help or assistance to make 2009 a better year! Thanks again for everything you've done for us in the past. God bless!